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            Pay it forward.  Keep the change.

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  Calling all Nonprofits!!Bag small

Now taking registrations for table space at

     Gifts That Make a Difference   

                Saturday, December 12th                

                               Noon to 4pm

   Information + Registration Form

                  under the

      GIFTS FAIR Pulldown Tab


Annual Meeting1A  Thanks for

            blue balloonsattending our Annual Meeting2A

                                 Annual Meeting3AMeet & Greet! 

                Tuesday, Sept. 29



 Time As Money

    Rent the DVD for 1 TimeBank hour:

              Log In. Go to Sharing.  

    Rentals support our Grant Fund!


Fred Meyer Community Rewards    



  • Fill out the FORM
  • ENTER CODE 86353

          THANK YOU!


                  PDX TB           


                  new affiliate members

                Portland PDX Time Bank!

    We look forward to member exchanges

           between Portland & the Coast! 


   Computer-Free Access:

Knappa - Granny Patti's Trading Post

Astoria - County Public Health, 820 Exchange - Suite 100

Warrenton - Warrenton Public Library

Tell your computer-free friends.


Next Board Meeting

The Lower Columbia TimeBank Board meets

Monday, October  5th at 5:30 pm 

OSU Duncan Law Building, 2nd Floor, Chinook Room

2001 Marine Drive, Astoria



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