So, What is TimeBanking All About?

At its simplest level, TimeBanking is about spending an hour doing something you enjoy for somebody in your community and, then at some point, having someone else doing something for you. Your work hour is "deposited" into the TimeBank as a Time Hour. You exchange your Time Hour for what someone else does for you. You can book services online or call a member directly. Here on our website, you'll find lists of work people would like to receive help with, as well as lists of help people are offering for your projects.


The Traditional Basis of a Community

TimeBanking enables local individuals to help each other the way neighbors and friends always have. It's a place to find help individually when you need it – or to give help when you can. It builds neighborhood networks and strengthens communities.

TimeBanking can be as simple as a group of moms getting together to share carpooling kids to activities. It can also include things like yard work, grocery shopping, chores for the elderly, helping with a cleanup or painting project, just to name a few of the infinite possibilities.


It's Not About Business

TimeBanking is informal and non-professional. If you own your own yard maintenance business, for example, you would keep that separate from TimeBanking and you'd offer your time for all the other things you'd like to do.

The Lower Columbia TimeBank is starting small but growing fast. Check out our list of Offers & Requests. If you don't find something today, check back with us in a week.


Joining is Easy!

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1. Read our Terms of Membership. If you agree to the Terms, continue.

2. Click on "Register" and complete your profile form.

3. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. saying you agree to the Terms of Membership. This will verify your email address. If we have questions, we will email you regarding them. You will receive an email confirmation from us when your membership is approved and then you may login and begin using the website.


There will be an opportunity within the next 60 days to meet with a current member to ask questions about the TimeBank or website. Watch the site for new information and check your email.

→Note: There will no longer be Orientation sessions.

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